Commuting VS Owning a Car

Published: 21st June 2011
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Anybody needs a certain means of transportation when traveling to a distant location. However, not all of us are capable of buying our own car or any vehicle for transportation. Thus, commuting is considered as the simplest option.

There is nothing wrong with commuting on a bus or a cab to travel for work or any other destination. The problem is that there are times that heavy and congested traffic on streets result to terrible discomfort and annoying circumstances inside the bus or cab. Also, commuting on a train can be a good option, but it is not applicable at all times because the specific destinations are limited. Another problem with commuting on either of the mentioned vehicles is the transportation fare especially when travel is done often or in a regular basis. In addition to that, commuting causes some problems on waiting for the bus, cab or train to arrive.

Although there are some hassles with commuting, the good thing about it is that the passengers are not liable for the maintenance of the vehicle. Commuters just simply get into the vehicle, pay the fare and get off upon reaching their destination. Only the driver and the operator of the public vehicle are responsible for any expenses regarding its operation and maintenance.

On the other hand, buying a car is also a good option. Although it requires quite a large amount, having an owned car offers several advantages compared to commuting. One of these is the freedom to travel anytime and anywhere. If you plan to buy your own car, Chicago car dealers give their suggestions on buyers about their preferred car performance. They provide the necessary details about the features of the cars and they accommodate inquiries from potential customers.

Another good thing about owning a car is that the user has privacy and more security. Unlike in riding a bus, there is no risk of encountering pick-pockets or snatchers. Also, there are many Chicago car dealerships that explain how the user can use the car features to ensure security while inside it.

There are also Chicago car dealers that include warranty service for the purchase car. This means that the user can avail a repair service when needed as part of the deal. True, buying a car or commuting both has pros and cons, it is just up to the person whether or not he will continue to become a commuter or drive his own car.

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